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The Story Of 1

Rasprava u 'Filmovi' pokrenuta od Thaxll'ssyllia, 30. Siječanj 2009..

  1. Thaxll'ssyllia

    Thaxll'ssyllia Aktivan Član



    The Story of 1 is a BBC documentary about the history of numbers, and in particular, the number 1. It was presented by ex-Monty Python member Terry Jones. It was released in 2005.

    In this documentary Terry Jones attempts to trace the history of numbers. He firsts journeys to Africa where bones have been discovered with notches in them. However we have no actual way of knowing if they were counting. Enter the Ishango Bone which we know someone was counting because there are 60 scratches on each side of the bone, this is the birth of one. This is a defining moment in history because now humans could count as high as they needed to. He then journeys to Sumer. Over there farming had just been invented and humans where starting to move up the property ladder and build houses. In Sumer they started to represent 1 with a token in which it was possible for the first time in history to do arithmetic.

    To explore why the development of numbers occurred here and not some other place he travels to Australia and meets a tribe called the Walpri. In their language there are no words for numbers. When individual is asked how many Grandchildren he has he simply replies he had many although we would say he has four. In Sumer people would send token to indicate quantities. They would enclose a certain number of tokens in a clay envelope and imprint the number of token on the outside. However it was realized that you could simply write the number one a clay tablet writing had been invented.

    In Egypt the numeral system provides a fascinating glimpse of Egyptian society, and it went something like this. 1 was a line, 10 was a rope, 100 a coil of rope, 1000 a lotus a symbol of pleasure, 10000 was a commanding finger, and 100000000 a number that the Sumerians would never dreamt of was a million the first ever million the symbol for it was a prisoner begging for forgiveness. The Egyptians would also do something that no one had ever done before, create a standard unit which was instrumental for building the wonder such as the pyramids. Terry Jones then journeys to Greece during the time of Pythagoras. Pythogoras was obsessed with numbers. In fact he founded a secret society dedicated to numbers. He invented the Pythagoran theorem. However his belief system that all things could be measured in units was flawed. Archimedes was in love with numbers. He tried to see what would happen if you took a sphere and turned it into a cylinder. This would later be used for map making. Archimedes lived in Syracuse which was at war with Rome. Archimedes was killed by a Roman soldier while working on a mathematical problem. The Romans were not interested in maths and as a result mathematics declined. The Roman numeral system was clumsy and inefficient.

    Meanwhile in India a more efficient numeral system had been invented. For the first time in human history zero had been invented.Then it traveled west to the Caliphate. Then it arrived in Italy where it met fierce resistance. The reason for this is because most people knew about the Roman Numerals and not the superior Hindu-Arabic Numerals. Eventually however the Hindu-Arabic numerals displaced the Roman ones.

    After that a man named Leibniz invented the binary system. He planned on building a mechanical computer to use this system. He was convinces that 1 and 0 where the only numbers anyone really needed. However he never built it. 1944 a computer called Colossus was used to crack enemy codes during world war 2. Now a days computers can do it all.

    c/p iz wikipedie, filmić nije naporan nit zahtjevan, ima zanimljivih dijelova, humor je preforsan :/
    Pa tko voli nek izvoli:)
    Lord se sviđa ovo.
  2. Klosharr

    Klosharr The Wild Rover

    nedamise čitat olko texta na engleskom u ovaj rani sat... daj kratki sažetak...
  3. Mercenary

    Mercenary Gaunt's Ghost

    Gledao sam taj dokumentarac na Viasat Historyu :think:

    Nije loš , nije loš :wtf:
  4. Thaxll'ssyllia

    Thaxll'ssyllia Aktivan Član

    nedamise čitat olko texta na engleskom u ovaj rani sat... daj kratki sažetak...

    Pa ukratko, prati povijest broja 1, od početaka sve do danas :P te kak se nastali i ostali brojevi
  5. zbrajanjem jedinica :belj:

    P.S. blah, mogo sam i misliti da je s wikipedije >_>... tekst je čušpajz raznih detalja iz filma nabacan tek tako, nešto što bi očekivao od osnovnoškolske lektire a ne od enciklopedije na internetu. Tck.

    Filmić se pak čini oke, mada ne znam...humoristična se strana nekako ne slaže sa samom idejom dokumentarca. Nekese stvari opisuju tako nonšalantno da ne znaš trebaš li materijal shvaćati ozbiljno ili ne. Ali zabavan jeste.
  6. Taliesin

    Taliesin Aktivan Član

    Ma nije mi zanimljivo, al sam pogledal ovaj topik samo zato jer si ga ti otvorila.
  7. Thaxll'ssyllia

    Thaxll'ssyllia Aktivan Član

    Ljudi su ovdje čudni :ninja:

    No da, ni meni se ne sviđa humor unutra, bolje da ga nisu ni stavljali i više se temi dokumentarca u malo ozbiljnijem tonu posvetili.
  8. Lord

    Lord Aesir Illuminati

    Dokumentarac je super gledao sam ga jedno 2 puta

    prvi puta jer me zanimalo, drugi jer nije ništa drugo zanimljivo bilo na teveju xD

    dobar je fora je i naučio sam nešto što je najbitnije :D
  9. Ivanhoe

    Ivanhoe Dr. Disco

    Jel ima za daunload 69. epizoda?
  10. aasgardium

    aasgardium Eydishan

    Zanimljiv dokumentarac. Taman da pokrije neke osnove, a da ne bude preopširan i tako postane naporan.
    Humor je ok, nikad dosta humora. Ozbiljne stvari ne moraju uvijek bit preozbiljne. :nice:

  11. Strahozec

    Strahozec Douchebag

    Isuse bože što je nekima dosadno u životu
  12. Lord

    Lord Aesir Illuminati

    ajoj ja trebam opet to pogledat, tema je prefascinatna
  13. Strahozec

    Strahozec Douchebag

    Dobro ti si u vedama i tim šemama
    Astralni broj 1
  14. Rachni

    Rachni >^ᴥ^< leptirić

    Najbolji je broj 0, on je uvijek party pooper.
  15. aasgardium

    aasgardium Eydishan

    Najbolji je Pitagora s nejedenjem graha. :laugh:
  16. Ogard

    Ogard Aktivan Član

    a 69
    aasgardium se sviđa ovo.
  17. Strahozec

    Strahozec Douchebag

    To je parti puper :lol:
  18. Rachni

    Rachni >^ᴥ^< leptirić

    69 je metalac, on ima pametnijeg posla.
  19. aasgardium

    aasgardium Eydishan

    3 je najbolji. Jedini ima dekolte. :laugh:
  20. Rachni

    Rachni >^ᴥ^< leptirić

    Ono unutar je ono što je važno asss.

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